Welcome to NORGALAS

Welcome to NORGALAS!

NORGALAS (North Gauteng Artificial Lure Angling Society) is South Africa’s leading Artificial lure angling (or Artlure) province. Artlure is the art of enticing fish species to bite on bait that consists of anything but natural ingredients, i.e. plastic, rubber, steel etc. Artlure equates to eco-friendly fishing. Catch-and-release is non-negotiable at Norgalas and in the Artlure sport in general. Very little pollution occurs as part of exercising our sport since the already fragile water reserves are not inundated with natural baits, flavourants and colourants. Artlure is surely one of the most effective and satisfying ways of angling.

NORGALAS consists of three affiliated clubs, Salmo, Classics Spinfishing Society and Pretoria Spinfishing Society. NORGALAS is affiliated to SAALAA (South African Artificial Lure Angling Association). NORGALAS has in excess of 100 affiliated artlure anglers, including some of the most respected fishermen in the country. Browse the NORGALAS website for angler profiles, tips, competitions and to gain a better understanding of the artlure sport and artlure community in general.

Recent Events

Second League and Junior League done and dusted.

Firstly we would like to congratulate all of our members that represented our country in the International Tournament against Namibia. Even though the Namibians fished extremely well, all three our teams managed Gold medals. 14 species came out and fishing was pretty good. We are certain that many anglers are looking forward to next year’s event which takes place at the Kavango River in Namibia – we are certain that this will be a very enjoyable, but also a testing tournament as the Namibians are difficult to beat on their home waters.

The second Senior League for our season took place at the end of February and was hosted at the Vaal Barrage again as this serves as preparation for the the SAALAA Nationals and Trails which takes place at the end of March. 47 anglers participated in this competition and it proved to be a bit more challenging than the first comp as several anglers struggled with carp and barbel. At the end of the day, Michael Mardon – one of our Juniors, managed to win the competition. This is an incredible feat as their are many experienced anglers which he has beaten on this day. On the teams side of things it seems that Salmo has taken the lead with Pretoria Spinfishers and Classics behind them; it will be interesting to see who takes home the trophy at the end of this season as each of the clubs are gunning for it! Many of our members have now shifted their focus to preparations for the Nationals and we wish them all the best in this and trust they will make us proud again this year.

The second Junior League took place on 5 March at Oppiekoppie Bass Farm. Everyone was surprised when the fishing was relatively good as most of the farm dams were pea soup green and smelled bad. Luckily lots of fish were caught and some of our newer members managed to catch their first mosquito fish and blue kurper. Michael Mardon managed to find the vlei kurper which kept themselves scarce on this day and this helped him to secure a win. Ian Bergsma and Francois Pretorius was next in line with their second and third placings – well fished lads! Keegan Horn won the Development League again and he is showing potential to go far in this sport.

Until next line…

– Rudolph Venter (PRO  and Admin)