About Us

Norgalas consists of two affiliated artlure clubs, Salmo and Classics Spinfishing. It is one of the seven provinces affiliated to the South African Artificial Lure Angling Association (SAALAA). SAALAA is the controlling body for artlure in South Africa and is affiliated to the South African Sport Anglers and Casting Confederation (SASACC). All angling facets (like Deep Sea, Freshwater Angling, Light Tackle Boat, Bass, Fly, etc) in South Africa are affiliated to SASACC which is in turn affiliated to South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC). SASCOC is the controlling body awarding national colours for sport in South Africa.

Norgalas is the biggest and one of the strongest artlure provinces in South Africa. It boost with several Protea and other well known artlure celebrities.The doyen of artlure fishing in South Africa, Rennie Sada and his sons Gino and Rino Sada, are members of Norgalas.  Current Protea Artlure angler Wilhelm Bekker (also an angling writer who has previously written angling columns in the Rapport and Beeld newspapers), Emile van Druten (current Protea angler, artlure angling ambassador and angling writer in publications like Stywe Lyne/Tight Lines) Bernard Venter (PRO of the South African Artificial Lure Angling Association, and well-known angling writer as well as spokesperson for Eco-Care Trust), Rudolph Venter en Juan Lombard (ex Junior Protea Anglers), Petrie de Wet (presenter of the biggest angling show in South Africa, Hier Gaan ons Alweer on Kyknet and Saalaa Angler), Andrè van Rooyen (well-known Saalaa Angler), Derek Nell (vice-chairperson of Classics and seasoned bass angler), current Protea junior anglers Lian de Clercq, Damon Nell and Jason Bean are all members of the two clubs in Norgalas.

Despite this list of renowned artlure anglers, there is a place for everyone in Norgalas, from the best angler to the most social angler who wants to learn the art of artlure. Besides the very competitive leagues between the two clubs there are ample opportunities in both clubs to learn from the masters during social events and informal club competitions and artlure seminars.

The juniors have their own leagues and consist of an advanced and development leg to create an opportunity for every junior to develop his or her angling skills and reach their full potential. Junior leagues are held from the banks of farm dams to make the sport accessible to all juniors and to enhance coaching opportunities of the juniors on a personal level.

Senior leagues and club competitions are held from boats since artlure angling is mostly a boat angling sport. Anglers without boats are accommodated as far as possible together with anglers who are looking for boat partners.

The annual National Artlure Championships are always the highlight of the angling season and held at a different venue in South Africa.  Belonging to Norgalas creates an opportunity to participate in this prestigious event where you can obtain provincial and even national colours and represent your country on the highest level against other countries.

– Bernard Venter (Secretary)