Salmo Artlure Club

Who and what is SALMO?

SALMO artificial lure angling club was founded in June 1978 by Emile Visagie in Pretoria. Since then, the club has grown from strength to strength and produced top quality anglers competing on provincial and international level. We only fish with artificial lures and we catch all fish species using different specialised techniques. Being a conservation minded club, we are closely related to the Eco-Care Trust and the conservation and protection of our fish species and water ways is always high on the priority list. SALMO is probably the strongest artificial lure angling club in South Africa with approximately 70 members.

SALMO members compete on different levels, from social level right through to provincial level. We organise monthly club competitions as well as 4 leagues for those who would like to compete on provincial level. Some of these competitions take place on a social level which gives the more experienced anglers the opportunity to teach new members the finer details in catching the different species of fish. During such an event, new members are taken out on the boat of an experienced member or an experienced member will join a new member on his or her boat (yes, we do have ladies enjoying the sport as well!) for the day. SALMO also arranges family weekends on a regular basis which will give you the opportunity to involve the family. An annual calendar listing all events can be found under the Events tab.

You will notice that SALMO place a huge emphasis on growing the sport of artificial lure angling. This goes hand in hand with sharing experience amongst each other on the different techniques involved in catching a fish in its specific habitat.

SALMO is the scientific name of the beautiful brown trout (Salmo Trutta), a top sport fish and a great fighter on the fly rod. This in a way represents the members of SALMO being a very strong and competitive club.

SALMO management consist of the following committee members for the 2014/2015 season:
Chairman:        Anton Vogt
Vice Chariman:        Rene Sada
Honorary Secretary:    Hennie Bezuidenhout
Tesourier:        Lise Vogt
Records official:       Johan Nel

Why should I join SALMO?

The club is well managed and provide a solid basis for the newcomer to the sport in terms of learning the sport from experienced anglers. Belonging to a club has its benefits:
•    We have a large knowledge base to draw information from and you learn the sport much quicker than you would by trying to figure it out on your own.
•    Safety and cost involved is always a great concern. When traveling to the different fishing locations, it is always safer to do so in groups or convoys plus it also work out to be cheaper when sharing the day’s expenses with your boat partner.
•    It is very comforting to know there are other people on the dam should you need any help.
•    Artlure anglers are a friendly bunch of people and it will not take long before you make new friends who also share the same interest and passion for the sport than you.
•    Most members are affiliated with NORGALAS (Northern Gauteng Artlure Angling Association) which give you the benefit of fishing provincially and enabling members to claim record catches and registering them as provincial or South African records.
•    Artlure angling will take you to some of the most picturesque places in the country giving you and your family the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and nature at its best in a safe environment!

Junior anglers

SALMO also have a healthy group of junior anglers consisting of boys and girls who compete in specially organised junior leagues and they fish from the shore in a child friendly environment. They can compete in different age groups. Here they have to opportunity to learn from the experts if they compete in the development group or they can compete for provincial colours in the advanced group. The children fish 4 junior leagues during the fishing season and they get rewarded for their efforts whether they caught a fish or not by receiving a prize at the end of a hard days fishing.


Anglers can join the club on either a social level or on a competitive level. The social angler will have the opportunity to fish with the rest of the club but he or she will not be eligible for provincial colours. Social anglers are not affiliated with NORGALAS and therefore they would not be able to claim record fish such as provincial or South African records.
Affiliated members will have the opportunity to compete on provincial level with the possibility of taking part in an event such as the yearly South African Artlure Angling Championships. Here they will have the opportunity to prove their angling skills against other anglers representing their provinces and obtaining national colours and competing on an international level in different locations worldwide. Affiliated members also have to possibility to claim provincial and national records should they catch a big fish (which happen quite often with artlure anglers!)

Social members pay a minimal annual fee to join the club. Affiliated members have to pay a little more since their membership will include affiliation fees with NORGALAS. The current fee structure is as follow:
•    Senior members: R600 per anum
•    Senior family member: R400 per anum
•    Junior family member: R250 per anum
•    Non-family junior member: R350 per anum
•    2 Man team fishing league: R300 per team per anum

Membership forms can be found under Documents and can be downloaded from there.

– Anton Jansen (Chairman of Salmo)