Junior Angling


Our vision for the Junior League is to promote artificial lure angling at junior angler level (Under 18). We accomplish this by hosting four seasonal junior fishing competitions where young people can gather and enjoy healthy competition in a well organised, safe environment that is monitored by experienced angling adults who have the best fishing interests of the children at heart.

Our aim of the junior league competitions is firstly to have fun and secondly to identify potential junior anglers to represent the province at National Level. We also aim to instill values of good sportsmanship, fairness and to value and care for the environment. We believe that our wild fish stocks are consistently under threat from pollution and exploitation and that we need to do our best to conserve these scarce resources. Our children are our future ambassadors for this conservation.

A junior angler must become a member of one of the clubs affiliated to NORGALAS should he/she wish to be considered for the Provincial Team. The juniors can elect to fish in the Development League where hands-on help can be given by coaches, parents or any other interested person or, the juniors can elect to fish in the Advanced League where the rule NORGALAS 6.1. applies: “The angler must, without the help of anyone, cast his/her bait, hook the fish, fight the fish until it is tired enough to be netted or gaffed.” Each league has its own points system.

The Advanced League

An advanced junior is an angler that can cast, retrieve, rig his own tackle, and has a reasonably good knowledge of the sport. The advanced junior can fish on his/her own with little or no guidance and can accurately identify the most common species of fish caught. Anglers who compete in the advanced league may not receive “hands on” active help or coaching from parents or any other person whilst angling. The purpose of competing in the advanced league is develop a confident, independent, competitive angler who is able to qualify for provincial and national colours. The advanced junior is eligible for selection to the provincial team.

The Development League

The purpose of the development league is to give the junior angler every opportunity to learn and grow in the sport in order to progress confidently to the advanced league. A development junior angler has little or no knowledge, experience or the skills required to take part in artlure angling. The development junior will not be eligible for selection to a representative team to compete at Provincial or National level. However, he/she may be selected on merit to participate at Provincial level as a member of a development team. Anglers who compete in the development league may be assisted and coached at any time during the competition.

Junior  age groups

The Advanced League
Under 18 and under 12

The Development League
Under 18, under 12 and under 6


Our policy is to give every child who takes part in a junior league competition a prize whether the junior caught a fish or not. The top prize winners in each age group receive very worthwhile prizes.

It is our policy to welcome any child under the age of 18 who loves fishing or would like to try out the sport of artlure fishing, to our Junior League Competitions. All that is required is for the parent or guardian of the child to complete the permission to take part form and bring this with to the venue. The permission form can be downloaded under Documents.

Dates and venues of the season’s Junior League competitions will be published by the web master in time for the new season. Enquiries regarding the junior league can be addressed to the Junior Convenor, Mike Biccard at mbiccard@gmail.com.

– Mike Biccard (Junior Convenor)